Q: Can my collection of real aircraft moldings be used with the cockpit structure?

A: Yes. Any moldings from the 707, 727, or 737 will fit fine. You will have to add your own mounts to the lower moldings as they all vary slightly from aircraft to aircraft. Most of the upper moldings will just screw into place right onto the existing structure just using sheet metal screws of various lengths. If you haven’t dealt with real aircraft moldings before, they can be difficult and will try your patience. Should you choose so, we will be pleased to do this for you for an additional fee.

Q: How much weight will the structure support?

A: It will easily support the weight of a real 737 overhead panel (approx. 100 LBS) and all the associated hardware and moldings that go along with it.

Q: Do the flight controls come USB plug and play?

A: Yes they do, and so far most customers prefer the units to be interfaced.  As an option we can leave the interfacing to you if you wish.

Q: Does the circular screen come any bigger?

A: Yes.  We can build a circular screen to fit your need.  All we need from you is the height of the viewing surface, the diameter, and the degree of wrap around.  Call us for more information and a quote.